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In the last post, I announced that we’re going to try reading/discussing a book together: Brian McLaren’s A Generous Orthodoxy. I also said that I would follow up with more details on how much we should have read by the next meeting.

Let’s try to get through the first two chapters before the meeting:

Chapter 1: The Seven Jesuses I Have Known

Chapter 2: Jesus and Gob B

(If you’d like to read the Foreword, Introduction and “Chapter 0” as well, that’s fine too, but you’re free to skip over them and just get to the main Chapters if you’d like)

Feel free to start the discussion here in the comments if you have any thoughts before the meeting!


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We had a great meeting Wednesday night, getting to know some new friends and chatting about whatever was on our minds.

But I think it’s time to get serious now. No more fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants meetings. Let’s get down to business.

Or something like that. Anyways…

We’re going to start reading a book together! And the one we decided on is a (somewhat) oldie but a goodie:

Brian McLaren’s A Generous Orthodoxy

A few of us have read it already, a few of us haven’t, but either way I think the discussions that we’ll have surrounding the topics brought up in this excellent book will be beneficial to everyone involved.

I’ll follow up with more details on how much we should have read by next meeting, but the first chapter is probably a good place to start. And if you’d like to buy it through Amazon (the link above) and save a couple bucks on shipping, let me know, because I can get free shipping.

And speaking of the next meeting, I’m going to do something unprecedented and announce the date of the next meeting way ahead of time!!! Let’s see if that works for us, and we can always go back to the democratic method next time if it seems to work better.

Next Cohort meeting – #5

Date: Wednesday, 3/12
Time: 8pm-11pm
Location: Starbucks in Latham on Route 2 ( 549 Troy Schenectady Rd Latham, NY )
Bring: A Generous Orthodoxy

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Based on the responses I’ve gotten, it seems that Wednesday, 2/20 is the day.

Here’s the details:

Cohort Meet #4
Date: Wednesday, 2/20
Time: 8:00pm – 11:00pm-ish
Location: Starbucks in Latham on Route 2 ( 549 Troy Schenectady Rd Latham, NY )

I’ll be posting this info in Facebook, and emailing it as well, so hopefully no one will miss it.

Looking forward to it!!!

See you all next week.


UPDATE: Dave had a great idea for this meeting, check it out:

At our last meeting we all seemed to be discussing, for at least part of the time,what emerging/emergent authors are shaping our understanding of this entire conversation. If you have a book you are currently reading that you would like to bring along and share a few thoughts that you’ve gleaned from that book, it will help to guide our discussion. If you have a book in mind, post it here. Maybe we’re all reading the same books and can hone in on one or two that we all have in common and use them to guide us into a clearer idea of what it means to be emerging/emergent

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Cohort Meeting #4 – try #2

It seems that I’m still having trouble communicating with all of you… In my attempts to include people who aren’t always on Facebook, and by communicating over email and through the blog, I ended up forgetting to write about what was going on on Facebook!!! Sorry.

Anyways, we didn’t meet this week in case you didn’t know. And I’d like to do it this coming week, either on Tuesday or Wednesday, 2/19 or 2/20, at 8pm at Starbucks in Latham.

Please either respond here, check your Facebook (because you should have a message from me) or check your email Inbox cause I’m going to send an email through that as well.

phew… OK, I think that’s it.

Thanks!!! looking forward to getting together again!


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Let’s get together again!!!

I’m thinking that an every-3-weeks schedule for these cohort meetings is an OK place to start. We can do it more or less as people desire. So, I’d like to plan one for this coming week.

Leave a comment here with your thoughts on what day works for you, and we’ll go with whatever one seems to work for the most people.
Date: Monday-Friday, 2/11-15

Time: 8pm-11pm (roughly)


we have some choices, so voice your opinion:

Latham 76 Diner
722 New Loudon Rd.
Latham, NY


Starbucks in Latham near the circle


Suggest a new place that you like!

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