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So it’s been a little while since we’ve all gotten together…  and the last few times we met, there was pretty low turnout.

Is it a coincidence that it started dropping off once I suggested that we read a book together?  I’ve been wondering if maybe that was a bad idea.

I remember the first couple times we met, there was this great energy just from getting together with new people, sharing about our lives and the things that were on our minds.

I’m wondering if maybe that’s more what people want/need, rather than to dive into a book together?

There’s totally no pressure to be a part of this Cohort; it exists solely as a safe place for people to talk about things that matter.  So, when I say that I would LOVE it for more people to come out, it’s because I see value in those conversations, for me, and I want to make a place for that to happen for other people if they’re interested.  Not because I’m trying to guilt/force people into “committing” to another thing they “have to” show up to.  😉

So, think back to the first couple times we met, when we just shared out thoughts and experiences, and let the conversations take us where they naturally went…  Is that something you’d like to be a part of again?

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